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There are probably more hay types out there within this globe that is large that I have never actually been aware of. The types of hay that I'm acquainted with are:


Timothy hay: This is without worrying about creating a mount to get too much weight too quickly a delicious essential hay which can be given to horses in a large amount. It consists of grassy stems that are thick with small two or one inch brush like shirts. That is probably an excellent hay to begin with if you are not old into the mount planet.

Clover hay: Clover is recognized as a sweet hay that is not really poor. This hay is short stemmed with pink bulb or usually red like shirts. It generally is mixed with other types of hay. Should you were to purchase clover that is direct remember that it is not a natural form of hay. It will are likely to show more towards a deeper brown color. The color see how easily he/she gobbles it up and could be off putting but as soon as you present it for your mount, you'll adjust your brain.